2022 demonstrated the importance of our reserves and financial strength, which enabled us to cope with the exceptional developments that arose during the year. We continue to be a sustainably healthy company, a secure and attractive employer, and a reliable healthcare partner for our customers.

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Overall, the Helsana Group recorded an annual result of CHF –-524 million for 2022. Despite this result, our equity remains extremely sound at CHF 2.7 billion and we continue to exceed statutory solvency requirements. And thanks to our accumulated fluctuation reserves, we were able to cushion the negative underwriting result.

In the first COVID-19 year, 2020, we had almost no cost growth in basic insurance. There were strong catch-up effects in the second year with correspondingly higher benefit costs compared to previous years. Moreover, inflation in 2022 was 3.5 percent higher than in recent years. In addition to higher benefit costs, more expensive medications and new therapies for serious illnesses had an impact. Absorbing these developments led to an above-average premium increase for 2023.

Many customers have nevertheless remained loyal to us, also looking ahead. They trust in our brand, products and value proposition. Just like our customer Ralph Knoepfel, whose story you can view here. He told us how important it is to have such a reliable health partner. We aim to continue to justify people’s trust in us and be there for them in the future – especially when they need us.

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Prof. Thomas D. Szucs
Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Roman Sonderegger

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