Commitment as an employer

A motivational, positive and health-promoting work culture is a key priority for Helsana. That is why we are committed to an inclusive, tolerant working environment.

A woman working at the computer (Photo)
A woman working at the computer (Photo)
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Attractively positioned in the labour market

In August, Helsana won the “Best Recruiter” award for health insurers for the eighth time, also coming sixth in the overall ranking of the top 100 employers in Switzerland. The decisive factors behind winning the award were our professional support for job applicants, the career website, the extensive occupational health management system and our strong commitment to diversity.

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Staying healthy physically and mentally

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In 2022, our occupational health management service focused on mental health: we provided facts and tips on mental health, team workshops, mindfulness training and health coaching. We also offered mental health first aid courses for employees in collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross. The prevention campaign “Smoke-free Apprenticeship” was again successful: 18 out of 21 apprentices avoided smoking during their apprenticeship.

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Boosting inclusion and equal opportunities through knowledge

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As part of the “DisAbility” project, we introduced initial measures to improve inclusion and equal opportunities for employees with disabilities. This included creating awareness and openness towards employees with disabilities and imparting relevant knowledge. Helsana also attaches great importance to employees getting their work-life balance right. With this in mind, workshops for mothers and fathers – as well as those with parenthood ahead of them – were held again in 2022.  

A flexible working environment to suit individual needs

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Helsana has introduced a flexible workspace concept with desk sharing and zones for meetings, concentrated or creative work at all its main locations. Working from home is also an integral part of Helsana’s working culture. We have also launched a modern learning platform and an integrated learning board – for continuous improvement and expansion of training and development topics.

Basic values and standards of conduct applicable to everyone

Discrimination, employee misconduct and other abuses are not tolerated at Helsana. Relevant standards of conduct and Helsana’s fundamental values are part of our Code of Conduct. Helsana expects all employees to report violations of applicable law, internal rules or ethically questionable practices. Anyone wishing to make a report anonymously can do so via the web-based whistleblowing service “Speak-Up”.

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