Commitment to people
and the

We support the social initiatives undertaken by others and lend a hand ourselves. We do this in the interest of the health of our fellow human beings and nature.

Two women are taking a walk together (Photo)
Two women are taking a walk together (Photo)
Two light bulbs (Photo)

A Helsana employee working in the garden (Photo)

In-kind donations for Ukraine

Soon after the conflict in Ukraine began, our employees got involved and collected numerous material donations at various Helsana locations. These included, in particular, medical supplies that were no longer needed. The sheer volume of high-quality items donated, such as toiletries, medicines and blankets, was overwhelming. Over 120 removal boxes of items were collected in just a few days, which we distributed via the Ukrainian Embassy to where they were needed.

Donations in kind for Ukraine (Photo)
Pallets with donations for Ukraine (Photo)

Sustainable use of resources

Our commitment to ecological sustainability and our desire not to consume energy needlessly have led us, in consultation with the owners of our properties, to devise various plans for the continuous optimisation of our energy management. These include systematic conversion to LED lighting, a sophisticated lighting control system and the optimisation of building services systems. A direct measure taken in light of the current difficult situation regarding energy security was to lower room temperatures where possible, eliminate the use of hot water and switch off unnecessary lighting.

Sustainable construction – 2nd place in “Constructive Alps 2022”

The Ghiringhelli residential complex with lots of green space (Photo)

The new building to replace our Ghiringhelli residential complex in Bellinzona won us second place in “Constructive Alps 2022”. This award is given for sustainable renovation and construction in the Alps.

Support for socially committed partners

In the third year of our partnership with the Swiss Red Cross (SRC), we once again raised awareness for first aid among employees and customers, and support for family carers. Based on the successful campaigns of previous years, we repeated our in-house blood donation campaign for employees in the reporting year.

An employee of the Red Cross is greeting two elderly ladies (Photo)
A dream doctor plays with a young patient (Photo)
A dream doctor at the bedside of a young patient (Photo)

As a partner of the Theodora Foundation, we supported the valuable work performed by its Giggle Doctors. For example, we helped during the “Week of Happiness” in March, when Thedora’s photo bus was out and about in Bern and Zurich to collect as many heart selfies as possible. Helsana employees were out in force to support the campaign. For every heart selfie posted on social media, sponsors funded a visit to a Giggle Doctor.

Committed to charitable causes

Helsana employees got involved in various corporate volunteering activities aimed at benefiting our fellow human beings, animals and nature. These included the SRC’s “2x Christmas” campaign, Caritas mountain operations in the canton of Uri and the Bernese Oberland, Balm Day 2022, the “Narr” animal sanctuary and the BirdLife nature centre in Neeracherried in the canton of Zurich.

On the Caritas mountain operation in Silenen, I got to experience the challenges faced by an organic mountain farmer’s family at first hand. Getting actively involved together with my colleagues was a great experience.

Simone Peter

Case Manager at Helsana

We are thankful that, through our commitment, we can help those less fortunate.

Stable work bringing us together: swapping laptops and smartphones for pitchforks
and rubber boots.

2 x Christmas: doing good is doubly worthwhile.

You reap what you sow: committed to our future.

On the 2x Christmas assignment in Wabern, we managed to make a small contribution in the fight against poverty in Switzerland. It was impressive to see how many people participated in the fund-raising campaign and how many ‘Päckli’ gift boxes were donated.

Angelo Puzzo

Programme Manager at Helsana