2021 saw us become even stronger. Continuing our positive trajectory of recent years, we recorded a solid annual result of CHF 231 million and expanded our customer base. 54,000 people have joined us for 2022 in mandatory health insurance alone because they trust us and our excellent products and services. At almost 2.2 million customers, we are consolidating our position as one of the leading Swiss health insurers.

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With increasingly changing needs and expectations, our customers want Helsana to deliver on its value proposition and to be there for them at all times. In line with our corporate strategy, we continued to develop our organisation in 2021 and placed even greater focus on our customers. We will optimise our processes in a second phase in 2022. We will become more streamlined, more efficient and, above all, more effective. By doing so, we want to drive our already high levels of customer satisfaction even higher in future.

The conditions for acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones have changed for our industry, largely through various supervisory measures and the industry agreement on intermediaries that came into force last year. It is more important than ever to improve customer satisfaction through a more efficient and effective organization, and especially by offering new, innovative products and services. To this end, we have introduced a new supplementary insurance product to extend our insurance coverage in health promotion, complementary medicine and prevention. In doing so, we are responding to the many customers who want additional benefits and contributions to promote health.

We commit to continue offering our customers stable premiums that are sustainable and competitive, and to strengthen our leading position in our highly competitive market. Last year, we set the course for this with two measures: The merger of the Helsana basic insurance subsidiaries Helsana Insurance Company Ltd and Progrès Insurance Company Ltd is expected to produce more stable and sustainable premium development. In order to make premiums even more attractive, we also applied an initial tranche of CHF 76 million from our reserves to reduce premiums for 2022. To ensure this is not just a one-off for our customers, our goal is to reduce our reserves in stages over several years and incorporate them into future premiums. This should enable us to further expand our market position and remain customers’ first choice.

People trust us because they know we are committed to them every day and are there for them when it matters. We would like to express our sincere thanks for this trust; we will continue to justify it without compromise.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas D. Szucs (signature)

Prof Dr. Dr. Thomas D. Szucs
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Helsana Group

Roman Sonderegger (signature)

Roman Sonderegger
CEO, Helsana Group




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