4. Executive Committee

The Helsana Group’s Executive Committee is responsible for operational management and consists of five members. The CEO has executive operating responsibility. The Board of Directors appointed Ronny Bächtold as a member of the Helsana Group Executive Committee as of June 1, 2021 (media release). Since Roman Sonderegger's appointment as our new CEO in January 2021, Ronny Bächtold has managed “Finance & Actuarial” on an interim basis. As part of the Helsana Group’s reorganization, this division was restructured under Ronny Bächtold's leadership and renamed “Finance & Corporate Management”. Sandro Mannino was also appointed to the Executive Committee. Since August 1, 2021, he has led the new “Customer & Markets” division, which combines the Helsana Group's customer acquisition and retention activities (media release).

Further information on the CEO and the members of the Executive Committee can be found at: