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Via all channels We are committed to our customers

Customers have numerous ways to contact Helsana, including via our website and social media channels. Phone and email were also used to stay in touch with our policyholders during the pandemic. We are committed to maintaining an ongoing dialogue with our policyholders, so that we are by their side even when they are healthy.

Our customers understandably had many questions during the pandemic.

We provided answers and further information via blog posts, social media contributions, newsletters, and telephone.

You can find up-to-date information on COVID-19 here

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Three health apps and a single strong platform

MyHelsana, our electronic customer portal, is very popular. Together with the myHelsana app, it can be handle all administration relating to health insurance. We are also continuously improving the Helsana+, Helsana Coach and Helsana Trails health apps to optimise our mobile communication offering. All apps proved particularly popular during the first phase of the pandemic, with high levels of activity.

Helsana apps at a glance

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Helsana+ rewards healthy lifestyles

It’s easy to grow your score and benefit from attractive offers. Download now!

Regular exercise, a healthy diet and relaxation, loyalty to Helsana, memberships and preventive measures all pay off. Those who live healthily, take precautions and are associated with Helsana can enjoy a number of benefits, with the Helsana+ bonus programme allowing users to collect bonus points that they can exchange for vouchers or cash payments.

Comprehensive and intuitive, Helsana Coach is by your side every day

From exercise to nutrition to mindfulness – there is something for everyone. Download now!

The Helsana Coach app helps users reach their personal health goals and improve their wellbeing. It contains programmes with tips and activities for exercise, nutrition and mindfulness. Users also improve their score in the Helsana+ app when they complete programmes.

The Helsana Trails app makes outdoor exercise even more fun

Off to the next Helsana Trail: Use the Helsana Trails app to find locations near you. Download now!

Bringing trails to your smartphone, the Helsana Trails app is free for everyone. It is a navigation aid, running tracker and adventure planner all in one. The app provides information on each trail as well as tips for suitable activities and excursions on or off the trails. Thanks to its tracking function, Helsana Trails is the perfect companion for strolling, walking, jogging or hiking.

Health advice

We will quickly and easily answer your health-related questions. This means you can actively influence your own health.

“How do I eat healthily?”, “How do I move properly?”, “How do I deal with this diagnosis?”, “Which treatment is best for me?” Our own health can continually give rise to new questions.

Since autumn 2020, Helsana supplementary insurance policyholders have been able to get answers quickly, easily and free of charge. They start by setting out their concerns to our health advisors by telephone. Within 24 hours, they receive a customised assessment in writing, where our experts share helpful information with them, including tips and suggestions.

All our health advisers have years of experience in a health profession, in various medical fields. Discussions are objective and confidential. Our counsellors do not have access to health data from our insurance business unless the policyholder expressly requests it.

Important: A doctor or the ‘Medi 24’ medical advice hotline remain the right point of contact for any urgent medical concerns. Our health advice service is complementary to such medical advice and treatment.

Receive a quick and straightforward answer to all of your health-related questions

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